Since its foundation Netcall has been at the forefront of developing practical service solutions to enhance the customer experience by offering effective engagement solutions.

During the last 20 years a number of opportunities have arisen to expand on the existing profile and further enhance the offering Netcall is able to make to its customers, from internal development to new acquisitions. Netcall will look to ensure continued investment in product development and offerings that are both practical, effective and affordable for their current and future customers.
1996 - Netcall is listed on the Alternative Investments Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange and is one of the first companies to bring together emerging internet and telephone interfaces with service-based web callback solutions.
2000 - Netcall expands its services to offer its patented QueueBuster® solution. QueueBuster is the leading callback and queue management system in the United Kingdom.
2004 - Netcall ventures into hosted solutions with the QueueBuster service opening
 up the range of networks and distribution channels that could be accessible.
2005 - Netcall launches the Intelligent Communications Platform™ (ICP) with a series of callback, auto-messaging and contact solutions able to run on the open standard platform.
2009 - Netcall purchases QMax™, increasing its product offerings to include Workforce Management while providing customers with a wider set of workforce optimisation tools.
2010 - Netcall acquires Telephonetics plc., significantly expanding the suite of product offerings available within the contact centre and enterprise communications arena. Deployment is either on-premise or hosted. Telephonetics plc. acquired Data Dialogs in 2009 with its Eden Business Solutions Development Platform, an agile development tool.
2011 - The suite of products is integrated into five solution areas. The products can work independently or in tandem, together creating flexible solutions that are responsive to customer needs. We know that organisations require a number of tools to plan and forecast demand and supply of agents, route calls effectively, automate appropriate transactions, deliver exceptional caller experience, and gather together disparate sources of data to provide valuable management information.
The new Netcall solution suites address each of these challenges with best-of-breed applications, delivering value to customers across the United Kingdom and Europe.

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