ContactCentre 59R

The Contact Centre is the main port of call for all stakeholders in the organisation. It is a central route to the services and facilities you provide.

  • Make it easy for customers to contact the right person
  • Respond to customer queries in a timely manner
  • Manage multiple contact media with one system

Customers want to reach you – they don’t want to be told that their call is important and then be left waiting for someone to eventually put them through.  Your contact centre service can deliver a key service differentiator and gain you competitive advantage.

ContactCentre 59R helps you provide an effective first point of contact, efficiently allowing callers to access services and facilities.  This automatic call distribution solution makes sure calls are delivered to the right people to ensure the call is handled quickly and efficiently. 

The system is setup to provide good practice features such as call recording and smart security.  In addition, advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) mechanisms, enable you to customise your settings when viewing your Contact Centre operations.

ContactCentre 59R provides accurate and flexible transfer of customers, together with contextual information, enabling you to offer a better service to customers from the most appropriate person.  All data is recorded, providing you with additional security as well as the ability to access precise information for auditing and reporting.  To learn more please download the product sheet for ContactCentre 59R.

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Announcing Media Blending on ContactCentre 59R Announcing Media Blending on ContactCentre 59R
Customer Quotes (Stop animation)

“QueueBuster has become an integral part of our business. As we bring in new business and services, QueueBuster will now automatically be part of the suite offered.”

“Our Next Generation Contact Centre programme is focused on delivering efficient high quality customer service supporting the success we’ve had in both winning and retaining customers. Netcall’s QueueBuster will be material in helping us achieve our goals.”

“QueueBuster has revolutionised our business, producing customer and agent satisfaction ratings beyond expectation. Customers using the system are happier because they don’t have to queue any more - QueueBuster can queue for them. It gives us a distinct business advantage in terms of customer service. Customers repeatedly ask why more call centres don’t offer QueueBuster.”

“The implementation process from start to finish has been absolutely amazing; every milestone was kept to and as a result of us using QueueBuster our customers are very positive once they receive the call back. Psychologically we get control of the call and it’s giving us more opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell.”

“We have been absolutely delighted with Netcall. The product is brilliant and ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’. What more can I say - Netcall really is spot on!”

“QueueBuster allows us to spread the volume of inbound calls more evenly across our phone system, reducing the pressure on our existing infrastructure and improving operational performance. In an intensely competitive marketplace, we believe QueueBuster gives us a significant advantage, allowing us to build valuable, long-term relationships with our customers and maintain our ethos of performance, innovation and customer care.”

“Using a callback solution like QueueBuster sends out a very positive message to our customers. They see us taking a pro-active approach to queue management and customer experience.”