There is a growing trend towards out-of-office working driven by changing working conditions.  It can be difficult to ensure your staff are easily accessible or know which is the best number to contact them on.

  • One number interface for diallers with automatic call routing to recipient
  • Increase accessibility - make and receive calls from any phone, any where
  • Reduce customer frustration by making it easy for them to reach you

Being mobile without the tools to stay in touch, means double the workload when you are able to access information.  Callers get frustrated when they can’t contact you.  How can your staff prioritise their time if they are not aware of everything that is pending?

You can increase the capability of your workforce by using Mobility, an easy-to-use solution that enables your staff to make and receive calls from any phone, anywhere and at any time.

Mobility directs calls through one main number – locating the individual regardless of their location and routing the call through for them to answer.  Neither the individual nor the caller needs to leave or try different numbers to be accessible.

Providing flexibility to your mobile staff, so they can easily receive and access call information, enables them to become far more efficient and effective.  As well as offering additional features such as call screening and web interface administration, Mobility integrates with existing voicemail facilities to protect your current investments.

Download the Mobility brochure.

Read how Hertfordshire County Council enable flexible working with Mobility and ContactPortal (case study).