Important messages need to be received and responded to as soon as possible. However, calls and voicemails can be missed – not intentionally, but because they have not been heard or seen. 

  • Unified messaging platform - receive and respond to messages promptly
  • Reduce the risk of customers going to a competitor that they can reach
  • Ensure no messages are lost in transition with message escalation 

Netcall offers Messenger+, a message handling solution that notifies users about any missed calls or voice messages. Users receive an SMS, tetra radio update or email notification; alternatively they can manage their messages over a phone or web interface.

Messenger+ enables the user or organisation to easily put in place a message escalation procedure that automatically forwards unheard messages to nominated individuals or teams; ensuring that no message is lost in transition. 

With instant access and response to messages 24x7, users are able to access and respond quickly to messages; even if they are travelling or working from home. The multiple notification and escalation functionality means your organisation never has to miss a call again.

Download the Messenger+ Product Guide.