Change happens all the time – when it does, how you respond is critical. Coordinating your staff to ensure they receive the latest update to inform, organise and manage them needs to happen quickly.

  • Broadcast interactive messages for rapid response situations
  • Pre-configure campaigns for 'switch-on' when required
  • Minimise the opportunities for confusion and disorder to arise

You may find it difficult to get in touch with members of staff or to check that they have been contacted and received the latest update – coordinating all of the activities in an efficient manner can prove time consuming and draining on your resources.

Confirmer is used to provide people with information on events, alerts and emergency situations where speed, time, accuracy and two-way communications are paramount.

Confirmer enables you to contact multiple persons with messages and record responses using a range of communication methods from telephone to email – consistently working through the contact options until a response is received. Multiple message alerts to different groups can be sent at the same time with new or pre-programmed updates. 

Utilising Confirmer frees up frontline staff to respond to the practical aspects of the situation while maximising the communication outputs through faster, more accurate notification methods in a coordinated campaign. Real-time updates on the contact status ensure that you never lose sight of your staff.

Learn more, download Confirmer Product Sheet.