Customers need to be able to manage their financial transactions in a secure and efficient manner at a time suitable for them. However, transaction costs can be costly to manage. 

  • Reduce the high staff costs on performing straight-forward transactions
  • Secure PCI DSS environment - compliant with financial regulations
  • Integration with back office systems - automatic account updates and notifications

The automated self-service tool, DirectDebit, allows customers to securely setup and manage their direct debits. With over 20 years of experience Netcall have supported organisations to set up self-service facilities that have resulted in customer take-up increases of more than 40% in direct debits on a prior year.

DirectDebit ensures customer personal data is kept secure and direct account management is available to undertake in a reliable, accurate and consistent manner at a time convenient to them. The solution integrates easily with existing payment gateways or systems and backend databases to create joined up data management.

Our widely accredited platform is specifically designed with compliance in mind, and can be deployed in a PCI DSS environment. In addition, no card sensitive cardholder data is stored within our applications. Such data is only transmitted over secure encrypted links.

Operating as a secure service that can work alongside your agents or as a standalone function, DirectDebit provides customers with flexibility when managing financial transactions. DirectDebit can scale up and down with the needs of your business and is a low cost solution that can help you save money on staffing and allow time for agents to help with other customer queries on purchasing choices or resolving problems.

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