Customers want to access routine information requests, such as account balances, at a time convenient to them. Self-service allows callers to access routine information queries quickly.

  • Easy-to-access information service provision
  • Release staff to focus on answering complex requests
  • Assist customers quickly - increasing satisfaction levels

Netcall’s Information solution is based on our widely accredited platform and uses the best of technology including IVR, ASR and Speech Recognition. It is easily deployable; operating in conjunction with existing PBX and ACD telephony switches. The carefully designed questions quickly establish the caller requirements and Information then responds with the appropriate answers in a consistent manner 24x7.

Information uses enhanced speech recognition to provide details to customers about multiple topics in a clear and consistent manner. The application uses this information to interact with backend data and draw the relevant information forward to give to the customer.

The low-cost self-service can deliver the required information in multiple formats including recorded messaging and Text-To-Speech (TTS) as well as storing the results of interactions for internal reporting.

Providing flexibility in your choice of offerings to customers in how they can access this information can decrease waiting times, increase customer satisfaction levels and empower staff.

Learn more, download Information Product Sheet.