Customers want to locate a facility or service quickly over the phone – they do not need to speak to someone for the details. Agents may spend more time on location queries than on other requests.

  • Enable customers to find the nearest facility or service to them
  • Increase your service offering - allow callers to access information 24x7
  • Free up agents to respond to other enquiries

Ensuring a customer can reach you is important for both customer satisfaction and retention and to reduce the likelihood of them finding an alternative provider. You want these customers to reach you quickly but you may not have the resources available to speak with each one individually and direct them to right place. 

The Locator self-service application supports customers to find the details they are looking for quickly and efficiently. As well as providing a competitive edge, Locator effectively handles these routine location queries directing customers appropriately while freeing up agent time to manage other activities.

Locator use a dynamic database to accurately lookup the best available place to direct your customers while providing access 24x7, satisfying ‘out-of-hours’ enquiries and offering customers convenience. The system operates in conjunction with your PBX and ACD switches.

The result is happier customers, fewer peak periods and a better service at a cost effective rate with an option to talk to a member of staff if necessary.

Learn more, download Locator Product Sheet.