Ensuring your front and back end processes are joined up can be tricky. A single request can be easily processed, but what is the impact when more than request is received? 

  • Capture and process requests automatically with seamless back office integration
  • Reduce additional headcount costs during seasonal demand peaks
  • Quickly and accurately fulfil customer material requests

If you had hundreds or thousands of requests coming in on a daily or even periodical basis for product catalogues or council tax forms, you would need quite a number of people to input their addresses, pull together the materials, check and pack with the appropriate address and send it off - not to mention logging it on the crm system. A time consuming and costly process.

Netcall introduced their Mail-2-me solution to automatically collect details about what materials the customer would like. It utilises a dynamic database to confirm the address location before deploying the requested items to the customer. The integration between the customer detail drop off and posting of the items becomes seamless ensuring all customer queries are logged and responded to.

Mail-2-me operates in conjunction with your PBX or ACD switch to offer a 24x7 self-service utility that automatically fulfil postal requests. 

The tool answers calls consistently using easy to understand messaging that supports the organisations branding and service experience. In addition to improving customer service levels you are able to deliver more serves at incremental cost.

Learn more, download the Mail-2-me Product Sheet.