‘No-Shows’ for appointments are expensive and a waste of valuable resources. Missed appointments result in staff time being wasted and a growth in your waiting lists.

  • Automated appointment reminder with results collection
  • Reduce 'No-Shows' by as much as 20%
  • Persistent service - does not forget to re-try unanswered calls

Reminder emails, postcards and letters have proved not very effective and calling individuals to remind them ties up staff and can become costly.

Notify is a messaging system that enables organisations to jog the memory of customers about appointments or events by automatically calling them. It then asks the person to respond to a question, so the organisation knows whether they will attend or not. 

Notify offers significant media and timing flexibility. Reminders can be sent via a phone call to fixed or mobile numbers, SMS or email. You chose. Perhaps rapid confirmation via multimedia followed with a reminder call, or a call followed a few days later with a friendly multimedia reminder. No matter the method you gain positive confirmation of their answer.

Notify works with your existing data and telephony systems and can be customised in terms of its messaging, delivery times and response collection. This solution enables you to quickly and accurately manage your bookings to proactively manage slots and reassign available places whenever a appointment comes unfilled.

Notify is a cost-effective and time saving tool that increases the use of your resources. Notify operates from a widely accredited platform that is specifically designed to accommodate Ofcom outbound calling requirements.

Download the Notify Product Sheet for more information.