Customers demand secure accessible service at a time convenient to them. You need to ensure that payments are undertaken quickly to manage all the requests and avoid losing revenue through abandoned calls.

  • Facilitates PCI compliance within payment process - relieve security fears
  • Increase the number of calls managed by reducing call handling time
  • Provide options to allow customers to make payments outside office hours

Payments allows your customers to quickly, accurately and securely manage their financial transactions. Deployment is flexible as a fully automated 24x7 service, as an order completion service or a combination of the two. 

Our widely accredited platform is specifically designed with compliance in mind, and can be deployed in a PCI compliant environment. In addition, no card sensitive cardholder data is stored within our applications. Such data is only transmitted over secure encrypted links.

The Payments solution provides a generic interface to connect with your ‘back end’ systems to create a unified connection with your existing structure.

Utilising the Payments solution typically saves 90 seconds on every payment call and can significantly reduce call queuing time. This frees up agents to handle more calls or to focus on customer queries or requests for more detailed information about products, services or specific payment. The secure management of personal data reduces business risks and ensure compliance with financial regulations at the same time as allying customer fears.

Learn more from our Payment Product Sheet.

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Download the Payments Product Sheet Download the Payments Product Sheet