Collecting accurate data about incidents, mishaps or observations can be labour intensive. Often several calls are received - customers are doing their bit to alert you - processing this data for action is yours.

  • Quick and efficient way to collect focused data
  • Collected information can be rapidly processed for action
  • Providing an easy-to-use interface for customers to report events or mishaps

The Reporting solution assists users to report events, mishaps or observations through speech-enabled self-service using prompt functionality to hone down the callers data, asking direct questions to collect precise information to help you in dealing with matter promptly.

The solution collects detailed information and directs it through back office functions such as CRM or accounting to send the information to appropriate department to manage the response. 

A seamless flow of information from collection to action creates efficiencies in the coordination of activities as well as providing improved customer service as Reporting can handle multiple customers at one point in time – reducing call waiting times and offering more services at incremental cost.

Learn more, download the Reporting product sheet.