When a customer has undergone an examination, whether for medical or educational purposes, they want to know their results as quickly as possible. Often anxious they sometimes call in before results are ready.

  • Secure result collection service
  • Allow customers to access result information as soon as it becomes available
  • Free up staff from responding to result requests to focus on other activities

Their need for the information is understandable and easy access is expected – however the burden on your staff to answer telephone result requests in general, out of hours or before results are ready, can divert time from other activities such as looking after patient needs.

Result is an automated solution that allows patients to ring a specified number and obtain results of any recent medical or educational tests. Responses are automatically updated through a regular export from any back-end system or they can be manually input by staff. If further information or details are required the caller can transfer through to a member of staff for discussion.

The system provides the option to direct callers contingent on the delivered results, for example; perhaps a particular result necessitates an immediate consultation with an advisor. Alternatively individuals who call in too soon can be managed with a reassuring update message. Each Result system can host ‘departments’ with their own staff, login, configuration, recordings and numbers.

Organisations that have deployed Result demonstrate early return on investment, typically within the first year and have improved customer service.

Result provides customers with 24 hour access to collect their results, relieving pressure on staff and more efficiently manages the incoming call volume to the switchboard and departments.

Learn more, download the Result product sheet.