Data Access Toolkit

Your operations form the lifeblood of your organisation – if you cannot access the information that flows through it, or data about what affects it, how can you make informed decisions?

  • Access the information stored in the QMax Database
  • Export accurate data to other areas of the business e.g. time and attendance to HR

QMax builds up a wealth of information in its database about your contact centre operation, and the dynamic scheduling of your staff. Do your HR and payroll systems match up with these scheduled agent hours? Would you like to put some of this information into a data warehousing system, and create management reports consolidated across your operation?

The Data Access Toolkit (DAT) from Netcall allows you to extract data from the QMax database, using your own Microsoft Visual Basic programs. You could send the extracted data to your HR or Payroll systems, or store it in your data warehousing system. You could extract data to create your own custom reports, or to feed your own spreadsheets or browsers. This can save you time on administration, and ensure that up-to-date information flows through your various systems.

You can even use the DAT to create your own custom Database tables, and access them via the high performance QMax Database Server program.

The DAT programming interface is comprehensive and well documented, and provides almost unlimited access to the information in your QMax database. Learn more, download the  QMax Data Access Toolkit product sheet.

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