Balancing customer demand against the number of agents available while attaining your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and remaining in budget is no small feat.

  • Accurate forecasting and planning workforce management solution
  • Free-up time spent on planning resources to proactively manage contact centre
  • 'Intra-day' and 'Optimisation' features enable changes in seconds

You will have peaks and troughs and may find that there are occasions when you are over or under staffed – costing your organisation money.  

You may be experiencing high abandonment on calls or find it difficult to know how effective your agents are – whether you have the right resources in place to meet the demand.  You may find it difficult to be flexible when changes occur.  

QMax is a powerful workforce management (WFM) solution that allows you to calculate the number of staff required to respond to customer demand in advance.   

Working with your current ACD-MIS, QMax utilises historical and on-the-day data to prepare WorkPlans based on call volumes – maximising shifts and rotas to ensure the optimum number of agents are scheduled to be available to reach your SLAs. QMax supports more than 40 different ACD-MIS, including Avaya CMS and Cisco IPPC Enterprise.

By accurately planning your staffing levels, you can reduce call wait times and abandoned call rates while increasing your capacity and resolution rate.  The flexibility offered by QMax enables you to quickly make intra-day changes, enabling you to respond to changes as they happen, with confidence.

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QMax™ delivering on-demand WFM QMax™ delivering on-demand WFM
Customer Quotes (Stop animation)

“From superb account management to excellent technical support, the level of service we receive from QMax is second to none. We believe that QMax helps us maintain our well-earned reputation for delivering an exceptional customer experience.”

“QMax has meant that the call centre can run on fewer staff. In terms of the time it takes to plan the rotas, what used to take two days to do now takes ten minutes. In terms of the gap needed between planning and implementing the schedules, what used to take six weeks is now down to just one.”

“Our aim throughout this exercise was to achieve the right balance. QMax has helped us to achieve this. It has been integral to the success of the project. QMax is a powerful tool and by harnessing its power and by working with Operations, Marketing, Recruitment and Human Resources, the resource teams have been able meet our objective to everyone’s benefit – customers and employees.”

“Even though Netcall is the market leader in the UK, as a company it remains very responsive and we are always assured of a quick resolution to any queries we have. Most importantly we now feel we have everything in place to meet our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and service level targets. QMax certainly made the grade at UCAS.”

“Netcall has revolutionised our reporting process and has enabled supervisors to spend more time managing their team rather than their rotas.”

“Our flexible approach means we treat customers individually and tailor communication to their different business models. QMax is a robust technology platform that has never failed to deliver. It does exactly what we want it to and it means we have the right people, in the right place at the right time to enable us to meet our customer service level agreements.”