You need a reliable supplier to deliver best value products so that you can increase your customer satisfaction and deliver cashable and productivity savings in your organisation.

Any project has defined goals. We see that the business case comes first, then the purchase, followed by effective on-time delivery through supportive project management and installation.  Following commissioning, the project moves to successful day-to-day management of the new functionality with effective customer support from Netcall.

At Netcall we measure our success though yours.  Our clients confirm that we are a reliable supplier that helps them transform the way they engage with their customers and interact internally.  These are the facts from five years of customer research:

  • 98% of customers would recommend Netcall and many volunteer to be a reference site – they achieve early payback and continue to make productivity savings year on year
  • 96% of customers report installation and project management performance meets or exceeds their expectations - projects are delivered on time
  • We resolve 99% of support incidents using on-line remote support and in this way deliver secure rapid service in a carbon neutral manner

You need your organisation to be always on. You need your investment to perform.  Our customer service team are proud of their record of service excellence.

Read more about each of the specialised professional services we offer to ensure that your new solution is effective and provides the service for which it was designed.