Often the decision to purchase On-Premise Equipment (or CPE) and house a solution within an organisation's IT suite is made when demand volumes are high and reasonably predictable.

The financial or IT strategy may also require asset purchase from capital expense (CAPEX) rather than possibly less predictable outgoings from operating expense (OPEX) budgets. On-Premise Equipment can be internally controlled and this may match an organisation’s security policy.

A business case for an On-Premise investment will usually take the Year One capital expense into account. Budgets will show that revenue outgoings thereafter are considerably reduced, usually only annual maintenance costs.

The benefits of on-premise include the capacity to provide a fully integrated solution across multiple legacy infrastructures and to deliver a superior customer experience. There is a compelling business case when demand is high, as up-front capital investment means on-going costs are significantly reduced. On-Premise installation also supports tight integration within your legacy systems.

Once a purchase decision has been made to install On-Premise, Netcall will appoint a project manager supported by installation engineers. Typically any solution will need 6 weeks of planning and 3 days of installation. Depending on the product, Netcall engineers will deliver and install preconfigured servers or will install the required solution software on customer supplied hardware. Once the servers are installed they are integrated within your IT and data environments to achieve the agreed solution outcome. Our engineers have installed several thousand systems and use best practice project management; you can read more on the Project Management and Implementation pages.

Netcall is a specialist provider of On-Premise solutions. All our solutions are available as On-Premise.  They are based on Microsoft Operating Systems with Dialogic and Aculab telephony interfaces and use Nuance automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text to speech (TTS). Netcall solution software is tested and accredited by Cisco and Avaya. We are Microsoft Gold Partners. Our considerable experience and hands-on professional and customer support keeps thousands of systems running smoothly, delivering value 24x7.

Netcall supplies its solutions either hosted or onsite and they can be bought using our innovative pricing models.

Customer Quotes (Stop animation)

“Plans to recruit additional customer service telephone advisors have not had to be realised, saving the authority at least £37,000 in salary and on-costs.”

“Staff response to the solutions has been very positive and, all in all, it is a good value solution which supports our switchboard teams when the volume of calls exceeds staff availability.”

“QueueBuster has enabled us to manage our peaks and troughs far more proactively and at a lower cost to serve per customer”

“Our aim throughout this exercise was to achieve the right balance. QMax has helped us to achieve this. It has been integral to the success of the project.”

“Internal communications have improved and the use of ContactPortal has promoted mobile working, enabling a quick response to a staff query or voicemail. This has further enhanced overall staff productivity.”

“Argyll and Bute Council seek to use forefront technologies to deliver high quality, efficient services and the partnership with Netcall means the council’s switchboard, customer service centre ACD and telephone payments systems now work through and with the wider Lync system used by all council employees.”

“Our intention is that the reminder system will be used for patients who are due to come into the hospital for planned, elective surgery. The potential financial benefit is likely to be even greater than outpatients, due to the high cost of wasted operating theatre time.”