SaaS (Hosted)

Organisations have operating (OPEX) and capital (CAPEX) expense guidelines and budgets. Possibly IT strategy requires that initial spend is minimised and costs matched to activity. Using a hosted or cloud solution means it’s an OPEX charge and you can manage costs in real-time.

Perhaps your organisation experiences seasonal or regular demand peaks; with a hosted solution you can effectively provide customer service when it’s needed. Netcall hosted solutions provide for rapid deployment without CAPEX. Additionally, standard functionality can be extended to smaller sites, maximising functionality and avoiding unnecessary CAPEX.

Netcall’s Standards Based Voice Communications is provided using secure web sites and data posts over a virtual private network (VPN) with robust back-end billing integration capacity for secure customer payments on a resilient and highly available infrastructure. All our systems are based on Microsoft Operating Systems with Dialogic and Aculab telephony interfaces, using Nuance automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text to speech (TTS). 

Disaster recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) are not a priority until systems fail. After any failure everyone wants to know why plans were not put in place. Hosted solutions provide the security of knowing that a plan is in place. 

Netcall's solution software is tested and accredited by Cisco and Avaya. We are Microsoft Gold Partners. Our considerable experience and hands-on professional and customer support keeps thousands of systems running smoothly, delivering value
24x7. Our solutions are also available via the BT and the Cable and Wireless clouds.

The following solutions are immediately available for a hosted or cloud deployment:

  • CallMeBack™
  • QueueBuster®
  • QMax™
  • MOViE line®
  • IVR / Speech-recognition

Netcall supplies its solutions either hosted or onsite and they can be bought using our innovative pricing models.



Netcall’s commitment to Industry Standards Netcall’s commitment to Industry Standards