The Age of the Customer

5 Steps to your Dream Contact Centre

It’s the age of the customer. 
You've read our recent infographic on 5 steps to your dream contact centre, so you will already be aware that in order to succeed, enterprises must understand and serve increasingly powerful customers. Customers are in control and service has become the only differentiator. 

Aligning your contact centre will help you win new customers and look after your existing clients with a customer experience that is second to none. Below, we go in to a little more detail on the steps to take and the benefits you might see, on your journey to your dream contact centre.

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Know your customer

Assess channels used by key customer segments. Understand demographics, revenue potential and needs of those segments. Analyse the cost and success rates of transactions by each channel. Map how your processes affect your customer's journey. Provide phased training of agents.

Top Tip! Reality check your planning - test each idea using customer surveys and social media feedback.

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Match technology to meet customer needs

Assess your current infrastructure. Consider your legacy systems, do they deliver expected tasks & add value your processes or you need work-arounds? Are suitably trained staff available to maintain them or is training complex? What are the licencing and maintenance costs? Can you cost effectively meet customer needs?

Top Tip! Understand what you want to achieve, focus on the future rather than on what you do now. Changing current processes may never deliver on your goals.

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Manage the experience

Implement processes and deliver integrated data to the agent desktop.​ Audit goals to ensure common goals across customer service areas, including all back office colleagues. Perform a multi-skill multichannel analysis and understand how to maximise the potential of your teams Innovate processes to reduce customer effort. 

Integrate processes and workflows, trigger alerts to colleagues and provide real time reporting. Use a universal contact queue to eliminate silo handling of media and implement proactive responses to update customers on progress before they contact you.

Top Tip! Walk a mile in the customer’s shoes, looking from the outside will provide you with clearer understanding of the essential route forward.

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Accelerate customer satisfaction and productivity

Review your workforce optimisation (WFO) tool use and analyse how you can maximise the value. Use call
recording, speech-interaction analytics and post interaction surveys to improve customer satisfaction, compliance and agent effectiveness. 

Ensure forecasts are accurate and schedules are fit for purpose. Optimise plans daily to deliver on your service levels. Engage your agents, rapidly train on key issues. Create step by step agent guidance for workflows and support agents and reduce training time. Use a knowledge base.

Top Tip! Engage your agents with a transparent performance management process. Develop and test all processes with agents to ensure they reflect your organisations systems and workflow reality.​

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Effective reporting and management information

Move your team from reactive to predictive and proactive. Obtain a 360-degree real-time view. Collect, correlate and analyse contact centre data, gaining valuable management information. Manage risk across the organisation. Monitor trends and use rules based intelligence to trigger activities and work flows. Identify how performance will be improved and where training is needed.

Top Tip! Think about the information that you need. New technology means that it is no longer too complicated or too expensive to provide management information (MI) in real-time.

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Remember to check that any new investment will provide improved agent visibility, support real-time reporting and single view as it improves your customer’s experience.

To learn how Netcall can support you to maximise your productivity and competitiveness download our report or view our recent webinar to find out more.

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