Winning in the Age of the Customer

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Changing consumer expectations

80% of CEOs believe they offer a superior customer service, but only 8% of their customers agree (Bain).

There is clearly a gap between perception and expectation, but how do you bridge it? We've compiled some research and pulled together an infographic to highlight the key expectations of consumers. With key metrics and accompanying resources, this is a valuable tool when considering your own customer experience.

Impact of 'Age of the Customer'

Historically the best supplier won the contract. Thereafter control of competitiveness moved to the best product distributor who would win the race for customers, loyalty and profit. In the 1990s organisations controlled information, however mobile and social forces have resulted in a transfer of this control to empowered buyers. Customers lead and the race to differentiate competitiveness is increasingly challenging.

Discover the changing expectations of today's consumers

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Managing Customer Experience

It is increasingly important that you make it easy for customers to buy from you:

  • Listen to their feedback
  • Coordinate multichannel activities and information using workflows and processes
  • Ensure that you deliver a consistent and personalised customer experience.

So, is investing in good customer experience worthwhile? We certainly think so!

The Multichannel Contact Centre

In a recent survey, 39% of organisations rate managing multi-channel customer end-to-end as a priority. But, only 14% of organisations we surveyed believe they are managing the end-to-end journey well, as part of their ‘business as usual’ activities.

In our blog, we suggest analysing three capabilities to highlight the most effective multichannel transformation potential.

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