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The omnichannel agent

Agents are under pressure to consistently deliver quality customer service resolving customer queries first time, every time. They use many screens and applications while simultaneously asking customers for information. Then, they must multitask to complete the transaction. Distracted by these often complex processes and tasks, agents have a reduced capacity to give personal attention to customers. Join up the journey and make it easy for agents to excel and provide seamless customer experience.

Focus your quality monitoring

The agent guidance reports show each conversation by stage and block. You can quickly see if a process is taking longer than you think it should. It means you:

  • Track processes by individual agents. You tailor the coaching you give them
  • Notice where many agents are struggling with a tricky process. This data gives you the business case for process change or updated training.

Use Agent Guidance to boost performance and quality management. Shape agent training to fit their exact needs and you’ll see continual improvement across the team.

Learn how Agent Guidance reduces training time, increases first contact resolution and productivity

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Reduce training time and improve productivity

As the hub of customer service, your contact centre answers many queries on wide-ranging subjects. The necessary systems that hold records and process requests, make it complex to answer customers. You carefully recruit agents with the right personality and attitude but training them takes time for each task. When they are then expected to multi-task, this just adds more coaching time. Agents only become comfortable or familiar when they do the work every day.

Agent Guidance improves team performance

Agent Guidance makes it easy for agents. They get faster high-quality training and then on-going support on their desk with every task. Agents enjoy excellent familiarisation and their confidence improves. Your new agents:

  • are more productive
  • are less likely to make mistakes
  • will feel empowered.

Hear from Bernie Stewart, Head of Customer Experience at UIA Mutual about the importance of agent engagement

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