10 ways to improve customer experience - part 1

28th Mar, 2017
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We recently held a webinar with Call Centre Helper on 10 ways to improve customer experience. In this 2 part blog we’ve summarised them all below and by clicking on the title you can learn more about each one.

1. Map the customer journey and adjust for emotion and feedback.

When you map your customer journey you put the customer at the heart of your business. Mapping their journey will help you identify the steps, delays and the effort you expect from them. This allows you to make changes and ensure a seamless experience.

2. Map the agent journey. Removing barriers to make it easy for them to succeed.

The focus in CX has been on customers. However, the agent journey affects the conversation and customer outcome. Work with your agents to map steps, processes and back-office links within their journey. Fixing broken processes for your agents will boost performance and customer satisfaction.

3. Agree on effective processes. Ensure that all stakeholders across your organisation benefit.

Review your agents’ journey alongside your customer journey. What issues stand out? Are your back office processes affecting the journey? Consider streamlining your processes with automated data entry, reminders and alerts or proactive communication to customers. How could these processes benefit other departments?

4. Your CX strategy - improvement or step change?

A CX focus improves your customer retention by 58% and financial performance by 64%.* However only 13% of organisations have moved beyond the “start” in their CX journey. So how do you achieve your CX vision? Our guide can help.

Whatever statistics you choose to measure will drive agent behaviour and performance. However, poor performance could be caused by systems and processes. Use your metrics to decide how you are currently performing and where you want to get to.

Look out for points 6 - 10 in our next blog. You can also watch the full recording of the webinar here.

*Maritz CX

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