Abolish those data silos

30th Oct, 2017
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Data silos have been part of corporate life for as long as anyone can remember. Yet in today’s digital age, they represent more of a challenge than ever. A single silo can damage an organisation’s ability to perform at its best. More than one silo can cause frustration and lead to bad customer experiences.

The reality on the ground

No company wants data silos, or sets out to create them on purpose. Yet many end up with silos as data accumulates through different channels. Original systems may have been partly replaced, but kept on for certain roles. Older software won’t recognise input from social media channels or chatbots. Yet replacing these outdated systems can seem daunting if they’re embedded.

Contact centre staff may keep switching between different programs when talking to customers. That creates a disjointed user experience, where data can fall through the cracks. In fact, research suggests 80% of contact centres lack end-to-end visibility. Front and back office teams may not work in partnership, or share customer data.

How to spot a silo

To identify data silos, look at your company as if it’s your first day in a new role. Watch agents interact with customers, and see how they use existing software. Test each different channel of communication, to spot inconsistencies in the user experience. Draw flow charts to see where data might end up, and consider how silos might form. Ask whether existing systems prevent different departments sharing data, or seeking help.

A perfect desktop for every agent

At Netcall, we offer single view solutions tailored to your business needs. We take time to understand your legacy software, and how you use it. We help you determine what agents need at any given time, to deliver the best possible service. Then we develop efficient, seamless real-time solutions to boost efficiency. You can see how this works by using our interactive contact centre builder tool.

Netcall specialise in combining data sources into a unified agent desktop. This single view system supports quick, effective action among customer facing staff. A happy agent will process more enquiries and be able to assist people better. They’ll be more likely to stay with your company, and champion it among friends and family. And if they do leave, new staff will need less training and supervision.

The customer is always right now

From the public’s point of view, your business will look like an expert in its field. A contact centre is the beating heart of any client facing business, as it shapes the customer experience. Efficient, effective use of historic and current data will increase customer loyalty. They’ll be willing to recommend your brand to people who’ll trust their opinions. After all, the best way to get new clients is by making existing ones happy.

See the benefits for yourself

Single view software benefits range from improved AHT and FCR to enhanced brand image and staff enthusiasm. Netcall can bring any data silo into a single view real-time software solution, to suit your needs. Visit our microsite to build your optimal contact centre.

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