Clearing win for Sheffield Hallam University and Cardiff University

23rd Aug, 2016
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Every year the national news reports on A-level results day. However, at Netcall, and probably most universities, it’s known as ‘Clearing’.

For Clearing 2015, Sheffield Hallam University wanted to work with an experienced supplier with proven heritage to approach Clearing more effectively. The aim of this being to maximise both the number of student placements and the experience students receive. The challenge: to dramatically increase their capacity to meet the demands of Clearing without having to extend their existing telephone system for a relatively short period.

Sheffield Hallam chose to work with Netcall to implement a cloud-based contact centre for Clearing 2015, which was a huge success, seeing a 37% increase in number of calls answered and an increase in offers made by over 15% (read the case study to find out more).

This year, Cardiff University also chose to deploy a cloud-based solution for Clearing, building on their existing Netcall Contact Centre system, allowing them to substantially increase the number of calls handled.

Whilst the early results are still being collated, the initial customer feedback is that Clearing has been a huge success. Sheffield Hallam University answered 7% more calls on day one than last year and Cardiff University, using Netcall’s cloud-based contact centre for the first time, answered 59% more calls this year. Both universities also reported significantly lower waiting times and abandoned calls.

This is a testament to the fantastic relationship between the university teams responsible for Clearing and the experts at Netcall who work together to ensure the best student experience on the busiest of days.

More information to follow in the coming days.

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