Excellence in Healthcare event round-up [podcast]

19th Dec, 2018

As a busy events season concludes for the Netcall team, Lynley Meyers joins CX Appeal host Louise Wright to chat through the last few weeks. Lynley is responsible for Product Marketing at Netcall, specialising in the Health and Public Sectors where great customer experience is centred on patients and citizens.

Lynley has recently returned from Excellence in Healthcare, an event focused on the need to re-imagine how healthcare is provided for the NHS. In this episode she talks through her highlights from the event. Listen to the interview on our podcast channel or read on to learn more.

So Lynley, in the healthcare world, we work with organisations to improve patient experience which is this sector’s equivalent to CX isn’t it?

Well yes, but there’s also the staff who work so hard to support their communities. So a key goal of ours, is to make it easier for them to do their jobs, so they can focus on the work they need to do, rather than the systems & processes behind it.

And you’ve also been out at several events recently, can you tell us about what you’ve been up to?

Sure, it’s been a busy time. One of the events I attended most recently was Excellence in Healthcare. It was a really packed event and as the name suggests, it was focused on the need to re-imagine how care is provided for the NHS. To cope with increasing demands and look at different ways to provide the NHS for the future. The NHS that we know and love, celebrating 70 years this year, has to change or it won’t survive. The message was that it’s about holistic care and not one-off treatment.

It’s difficult to hear isn’t it? We were chatting earlier about one of the stats referenced at the event - over the next 20 years the number of people aged 85+ will double. If it is the case, it’s only going to put the health service under more pressure.

Yes exactly. Eddie Olla from NHS England spoke very passionately in his keynote about the need for change and the concept of holistic care. He talked about the new ten year plan which is about to be released to take over from ‘fit for the future’. NHS England want to empower people, enable clinicians to integrate the health and care systems, which is quite different as an approach. It’s all about building a better future in a different way.

Sounds interesting. What was the reaction to Eddie’s keynote?

It wasn’t a surprise. Everyone in the room knew that we have to do things better. The issue of budget in the NHS is widely covered. For me, the strongest and most powerful part of Eddie’s presentation was Sam’s story. This was shown as a short video clip which really helped to give us some context around the possibilities for the NHS. To move from that one-off treatment to a joined up holistic treatment. It gave us some examples of how Trusts are beginning to look at care from a new perspective by integrating health and social care. Watch Sam’s story.

Sounds like it was fascinating for the audience to see what the future could look like. Were there any real-life examples of innovation in care?

The whole day was packed full of innovation, I was so impressed with the quality of the presentations and the stories that were shared. The example I would like to showcase is lifeline 24/7 because in the spirit of Sam’s story this example shows how change can be successful if people collaborate to improve patient experience.

So what is lifeline 24/7?

Hillingdon health and care partners came to understand that there was a gap in their end-of-life care. They called it ‘mind the gap’. In fact, service area silos mean that only 38% of patients used to die in their preferred place. Not only did the other 62% of patients have a difficult journey, but it is costing the NHS more. Every admission via Emergency services was costing £4000-£6000. A big drain on resources.

Something had to be done. A dedicated team worked to create a single point of contact.

Nursing specialist advice and community services now have a single point of information access to deliver integrated care. This incredible service is in its third month and it’s had two great months. In the first month they answered 125 calls, with 57 being out of hours. There were 31 home visits and 26 patients were supported to die at home.

So although it’s a sensitive topic, it’s story with some very positive outcomes. For me this initiative showcases the spirit of joined up care that Eddie encouraged us all embrace.

Thanks Lynley. As you said it is a tough example to cover, but when we think about it, it is truly an innovative handling of the patient experience.

I agree and that’s why I’m talking about it today. And watch this space…if it was up to me, they’d be award winners this year for what they’ve delivered to their patients. It’s important to celebrate initiatives that put the patient at the heart of the process. This works best if you can make processes simpler and easier. So as I mentioned earlier, it’s our goal to support organisations like this in their transformation journey.

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