How are you Personalising your Customer Interactions?

25th Jul, 2014
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Your customers are now demanding ever more ways to contact you via channels such as voice, email and social media. Ensuring that your customers feel that they are receiving a personalised experience has never been more important.

How are you ensuring your customers receive their preferred experience every time? Call Centre helper, 2014 has collated the top 21 ways to do this, from various different customer contact specialists including ourselves.

Our Chief Technical Officer, Richard Farrell, explored how to best use the skills of your agents to fit the needs of your customers by offering the following advice; "Rather than allowing customers to be passed from pillar to post, intelligent technology can route calls and messages to the most appropriately skilled agent. Using CRM interfaces, agents can gain access to customer information at the beginning of the interaction, putting them in control from the outset. As well as having access to relevant information without needing to question the customer, agents will be better equipped to respond to a complaint or take a call to a successful conclusion. Likewise, in transforming and personalising the process of customer engagement, enterprises will make consumers feel more valued."

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