How Do You Ensure You’re Meeting Customer Demand?

1st Jul, 2015
Read time: 46 seconds

Being able to balance your customer demand against the amount of staff available is a time consuming daily task for many contact centre managers.

Unexpected absences, holidays and call spikes are some of the reasons why managing customer demand is difficult. Managers need to ensure that the contact centre is maintaining service level agreements (SLAs), staff morale and job satisfaction, all whilst staying within the agreed budgets.

Using a Workforce Optimisation solution allows you to achieve all of the above whilst also removing human spreadsheet errors. Research by Dartmouth College suggests that 94% of spreadsheets contain errors. It also takes a significant amount of management time to collate all of the information needed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Eurotunnel has found that through implementing a Workforce Optimisation solution they are now able to forecast call demand to within 95% accuracy on a weekly basis as well as optimising shift patterns based on forecasted call demand.

To find out more about how a Workforce Optimisation solution could transform your customer engagement, watch our short video.

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