Is Information Overload Affecting your Customer Service Delivery?

10th Jun, 2014
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From call queues and emails to web-based inputs, navigating through a wide range of systems can be time consuming and frustrating for contact centre agents, not to mention the impact on customer experience. Research suggests that the average cost of replacing a customer is around £6,500 (Institute of Customer Service, 2011), so making it easy for your customers to achieve their goals has never been more important. Read more about the impact of customer effort on customer satisfaction.

A case in point: The Warranty Group and Unified Agent Desktop

The Warranty Group (TWG), a global leader in extended warranty in service contracts, experienced a significant impact on call duration due to updates to regulatory compliance within financial services. With extended call length potentially impacting customer experience, how could they ensure they were staying compliant while also maximising efficiency and customer satisfaction?

After identifying a 7% potential efficiency saving of 20 seconds against Average Handling Time (AHT), Netcall's Unified Agent Desktop was implemented.

Within weeks of the new solution being deployed the goal of reducing AHT by 20% had been exceeded. Other benefits included:

  • Reducing agent training time due to a quick, intuitive single user interface
  • Improved agent and customer satisfaction
  • Reducing compliance costs while increasing productivity from agents
  • Through adding additional phases AHT was further reduced by more than 30%

"The project was a perfect example of how an agile methodology combined with excellent collaboration between business users, internal IT and a skilful external resource with a flexible product can really work."
Paul Jarrett, European IT Director, TWG.

An effective and efficient option for your contact centre

If presentation of data is making it time consuming for your agents to access the customer information they need, then like TWG, you could shorten Average Handling Time by making it quicker and easier for agents to retrieve data.

Our experience suggests that the most effective infrastructure for a Multichannel Contact Centre is a single suite of integrated applications from a single vendor. This is the view of analysts at Gartner too (Gartner, 2013).

Through using just one vender system your administration and support costs are dramatically reduced. All customer information can be shared and updated across one screen, therefore making conversations easier for your agents and customers. Fundamentally, the whole solution is designed to dynamically manage inbound and outbound multichannel interactions in real-time with the minimum amount of effort and cost.

Learn more about Unified Agent Desktop.

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