Top tips to overcome two major obstacles and kick start your CX planning

28th Jun, 2016
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In our previous blog we discussed what customer experience (CX) is and why it is important for you. In the second in this blog series, we share with you some top tips to kick start your CX planning – more specifically, how to leverage the required collaboration and buy-in at all levels.

There are two major obstacles to overcome to start effectively strategising CX…

1. Seeing the BIGGEST picture

Yes, that’s right – not the big picture, the BIGGEST picture.

With today’s enhancements in technology, it makes sense that consumers are interacting with companies using the same channels they once only used for personal purposes. Allowing customers to contact through multiple touch points has given organisations the ability to analyse data from multiple sources to understand customer behaviour – therefore, offering empowerment to increase CX.

This however highlights the challenge for many organisations who rely on cumbersome, non-integrated contact centre solutions that are no longer fit for purpose to achieve the high levels of CX desired; resulting in silos of important customer information across their organisation or teams. After all, data is only useful if you are able to find and share it easily, right?

If a contact centre only has access to each channel’s data in a silo, the organisation has no choice but to look at the contact centre’s fragmented data in exactly the same way. If both the contact centre and the larger organisation continue to take the silo approach, they undoubtedly will miss valuable insights that can be real drivers behind CX. Failing to gather these important insights can also result in a competitive disadvantage in this ‘age of the customer’, where customer service is rapidly becoming the only differentiator.

So in short, if a contact centre can integrate data from all aspects of the omnichannel approach through unification of queues and reporting, then the wider organisation is empowered to treat the contact centre as another step on the customer journey.

2. Creating the business case – the value/ROI of your proposition

If you are working on or lead a CX project, you’ll probably (proverbially speaking) be cradling the project like a new born baby. You will want to nurture it, care for it and watch it grow through infancy and beyond into a blossoming success story. However, does the hierarchy of your organisation have the same, or even remotely similar attachment or bond to the project?

Stakeholders at all levels, especially those higher up have the ability to stop any project in its tracks. What you will need for buy-in at this level is a compelling business case!

Whether you are looking to improve CX to make money, save money, increase customer loyalty or reduce complaints - ensure it is aligned with the goal of your peers and create a compelling business case.

Take a look at our infographic, ‘The Business Case for Customer Experience’ to learn more, then read our ‘Business Case for Customer Experience eGuide’!

Happy planning!

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