Blog 22 July 2022

Leave no patient behind with a digital inclusive strategy

by Louisa Mackintosh


Improve patient experience, save advisor time and increase your Trust’s overall productivity

The benefits of a patient portal to patients, staff and Trusts are well recognised now. We know the advantages they bring in terms of improving patient experience, freeing up staff time by reducing admin-heavy tasks, and optimising a given Trust’s capacity.

But what if you could realise even more benefits? What if you could easily connect your patient portal to your booking centre which means a seamless patient journey, every time! Digital-first patients self-serve, while patients who want or need to use the phone have the same quality journey. With our tech, digital and analogue live comfortably side-by-side. Every patient gets a choice when contacting you and no patient is left behind.

No breaks in the patient journey

When engaging with patients digitally, it’s vital that information is clear as to what a patient should do, and who they should contact at each stage of the process. If you then instruct a patient to call a Trust or contact in a given department, or they would prefer to do so via that channel, you are potentially introducing a point of failure where tracking of that patient is then lost. Ideally you want to give all patients their channel of choice to respond, whilst tracking that patient information.

By seamlessly connecting your patient portal to your booking centre, you can provide the right service, at the right time with the right advisor. Patients can respond on their channel of choice digital or telephone, all whilst being fully tracked.

Key benefits for patients:

  • Advisor has details instantly to hand meaning less explanation from the patient
  • Enquiries are resolved more quickly, relieving patient anxiety

Key benefits for staff:

  • Instant update: advisors are in control from the start
  • Improve productivity: removes repetitive tasks
  • Easier calls: staff morale improves, fewer patients to soothe

Key benefits for Trusts:

  • Save 51 seconds on every call
  • Seamless native integration
  • Increase the accuracy of patient data information
  • Improve your staff morale

With a narrative building that the move to digital risks writing off certain groups of the population, like the older generation, we need to make sure the use of patient portals improves patient choice rather than narrows it. Netcall is the only contact centre provider to link seamlessly from our booking centre, Liberty Converse, to our Patient Portal, Patient Hub. No patient is left behind.

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