Blog 01 February 2021

Microsoft Teams and Liberty – a united force in the battle for customer experience innovation

by Richard Farrell


A new way of working

We’re all well-versed on the impacts of lockdown, emptying offices and running remotely. Online collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, have become invaluable to keep organisations going.

As we move from fire-fighting to redefining, organisations are realising the temporary tolerance for poor customer experiences has all but gone.

Attention has turned to exposed flaws in internal processes and a renewed focus on operational behaviours. The race is on to win the new battle in customer experience… Remote working is here to stay. Now, how do we integrate Teams to ensure better customer journeys?

Better customer journeys with improved processes

By integrating application platforms with collaborative tools such as Teams, individual employees can gain greater visibility of the status of processes in which they’re involved. Boosting team productivity, reducing wasted time from internal miscommunications. Plus, visibility helps managers to identify bottlenecks in customer requests, which cause costly delays. They can iron out these processes to improve customer journeys.

But, securing efficient internal working is only half of the task. The other half is to cost-effectively meet customer demand and protect satisfaction scores. It is only possible to preserve an end-to-end journey when you have flexible integration between Teams and your customer-facing tech.

Organisations need software which is integrated with Teams. Workstream collaboration tools like Teams are designed for integration with add-on tools. Organisations should start to onboard staff to know how to add applications like Liberty to interact with Teams to enable better collaboration.

Liberty and Teams – the easy path to remote collaboration, process reform and better CX

Netcall is proud to have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for 13 years. Together, Microsoft Teams and our Liberty Platform, offer the opportunity to create long term sustainable customer experiences, improve personal and operational productivity and enable future innovation.

Collaborate on Liberty Create cases from inside Teams

For Liberty Create customers, if they have already invested in Teams, there’s a ready-to-use Liberty Create App in the Teams App Store. You can display and collaborate on Create cases and data, from inside Microsoft Teams, at no additional cost.

Because Create is natively integrated with Teams, it’s very simple to deploy. With a few clicks in the Microsoft App source and simple configuration, you can build better processes and facilitate first-class customer service.

The app provides:

  • A single user interface that includes Create screens for case management. So, for Create users, processes can be delivered in their standard Teams environment
  • Reduced time to complete tasks – because a user is only “in” one application, cases can be handled just like any other work in Teams
  • An easy way to notify or comment on cases with Create users
  • Other associated benefits – for example around quality control, deployment, training and IT.

Manage your customer interactions from Teams

Take our vast contact centre experience of helping organisations to deliver great customer experiences and combine it with Teams… Or use it as a PBX replacement to deliver voice calls to your contact centre with Liberty Converse.

Using Converse and Liberty Connect, you can build on your Teams investment to enable your CX ambitions. Our integration uses the collaborative and built in telephony capabilities to streamline your agent’s management of customer interactions. They can remain focused on customer outcomes, regardless of location, channel or expertise:

  • Work anywhere that you can deploy Teams – agents and supervisors can work from anywhere, on any device
  • Route conversations to the best person to handle them based on your whole Teams contact list
  • Reduce the friction involved in navigating systems remotely using the familiar Liberty and Teams interfaces, from any location and device
  • Migrate your customer calls to Teams based telephony and maintain the same efficient degree of call management and routing
  • Continue to close the gaps between the back and front office by increasing the transparency on process performance, interactions and call handling.

Being integrated with Teams brings three crucial advantages:

  • Team productivity is boosted. While agents and managers remain distanced from each other, you can enable them to share best practice and reduce time wasted by internal miscommunications
  • Provide individual employees with greater visibility. They can see the status of processes that they’re involved in and this helps managers and agents to identify bottlenecks in customer requests. They can iron out these processes to improve customer journeys and reduce those costly delays.
  • The new friction for customers, introduced by remote working, is removed. Agents can close the gaps in tracking interactions and engaging with customers, which means you can cost-effectively meet customer demand, protect satisfaction scores and generate sustainable customer experiences.

See the Power of combining Teams and Liberty Converse in this webinar.

Right time, right answer wins the day

CX is about how customers feel. Encouraging the right feeling is a mix of agent confidence, effective customer centric processes and joined up technology. Customers expect agents to always have the ‘right’ answer and processes to ‘just’ work. Informed agents combined with proactive process updates can make a big difference and greatly reduce the customer’s need to make additional contact. Our ambition is to foster customer centric end-to-end processes and smooth communication flows, which create confident informed agents, proactive customer alerts, and engaged remote workers to underpin your CX ambitions.

Unlock your CX potential – collaborate, transform, enable

As you harness the hybrid power of these tools, you can create a new foundation to unlock the potential for future CX innovation. Marketing leading collaboration through Teams combined with low risk digital transformation and CX enablement from Netcall Liberty continues to close the gaps between front and back office.

Learn more about Liberty and Teams

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