Blog 16 March 2022

Liberty Platform, not just for the contact centre

by Nicky Hjerpe


There’s more than meets the eye with the Liberty Platform. Could it be your superpower?

Your contact centre is the frontline of customer and patient engagement. It’s where great customer and patient experiences are made or broken. But great experiences rely on flexible technology, robust processes and empowering your people to do their jobs well. In other words, they also rely on the back office. But sometimes it’s the back office that lets us down. Broken processes, a tangle of old legacy systems, disengaged employees, frustrated customers and patients. All sound familiar?

If you are already the proud owner of the Liberty Platform, did you know you could do more with what you already have?

More to fix the operational issues that hamper your progress in the back office.

More to see what’s actually happening across all your customer-facing departments.

And you don’t have to rip and replace your legacy technology. Instead you join the dots and make them work harder.

We’ve been busy making peoples’ lives easier since the early 90s. Whether that’s agents in the contact centre, stressed-out IT managers or frustrated customer and patient journeys. Some of our proudest moments have been transforming the performance of NHS trusts and councils, and solving those annoying issues like waiting on hold, making secure payments for essential services, reporting faults and getting status updates that make people lose faith in banks and businesses.

What started as a platform for handling voice and web enquiries has evolved into a powerful unified automation technology and customer engagement platform that fixes many operational issues. From solving clunky process issues and data silos to weaving channels into one conversation and improving agent performance and experience in the contact centre and beyond. And it’s easily accessible to both business and IT roles. Banish bottlenecks by empowering your business users to configure pre-built apps which are tailored to your business needs. Automate the mundane and routine tasks with low-code or software robots to enhance your employee and customer experience, saving on the bottom line.

If you’re looking to turn your digital strategies into successful journeys and build smarter, leaner and more customer-centric organisations, the good news is your Liberty Platform is your superpower.

Join the likes of South Hams District Council and West Devon Borough Council, Adur and Worthing Councils, Dreams, Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, Cornwall NHS Foundation Trust and Cairn Housing who are already using the Liberty Platform to provide an end-to-end solution to drive better customer and patient experiences.

Combine the skills of IT and business experts with technology, to further transform your customer and patient experiences. We’ve got it covered – using what you already have – Netcall Liberty.

We’ll help you solve some of the challenges you face.

Talk to us today to find out how.

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