Make a strategic cloud choice for your Contact Centre

9th Oct, 2017
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Cloud solutions support a rapid uptake of new technologies. How do you choose whether premise-based or hosted deployment options is right for your contact centre? Or is a blend of both an alternative option?

Maybe your corporate policy, security and regulatory concerns mean solutions must be on-premise. Perhaps your IT team’s sole focus is on core systems, leaving other departments needing outside help with project deployment. Your current on-premise infrastructure may be deeply embedded into your organisation and is essential to many key tasks. Alternatively, some software updates rapidly while others are more stable. Whatever your situation, you know that you need to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and the technology needs to take care of itself.

Is a deployment project on the horizon but you can’t quite decide if cloud is the right move for you? Take our quick quiz and see which of key business drivers mean the most to you.

Mainly ‘yes’

We recommend you take a hard look at cloud. Your seasonality and peak demand requirements may be best suited to a hosted model. You will be able to add ‘burst’ licences to ramp up your capacity to handle traffic spikes.

Consider offering intelligent IVR to automate routine tasks before customers reach agents. Provide online forms or a customer portal and reduce your inbound demand.

Mainly ‘no’

It’s likely your customer demand is reasonably consistent with expected weekly peaks linked to events such as invoices or changes in conditions. Your IT team has a good handle on the CIO’s strategy and support you to get the solutions you need.

Use skills-based routing within your ACD to maximise first contact resolution (FCR). Reduce call length and prepare your agents by adapting your IVR or speech automation and provide the best possible caller experience.

A bit of yes and a bit of no?

You have a solid IT team that need some extra support with new channels or proactive outbound. Meeting changing customer demand is a challenge. Many contact centres find that when they are able to use a hybrid approach it gives them the best of both worlds.

There is no one size fits all. There are no rules, you need to be free to make flexible decisions that meet your organisation’s needs today and in the future. Try our interactive contact centre builder and customise your ideal set-up for your business. See how you can design a tailored set-up that’s perfect for today, and ready for tomorrow.

Need some support to guide your thinking? See if our 6 tips infographic will help.

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