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31st Aug, 2017
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In a digital age, we expect change. But it’s hard to keep up when even the rate of change is increasing! Few disciplines have seen the same level of change as customer experience management.

When competition is fierce, innovation is rapid. Products, propositions and offers change at lightning speed. Analysts talk about the “age of the customer”, and highlight customer service as the key differentiator. Regulatory issues such as GDPR and Brexit complicate things further. Yet budgets and resources are stretched. Everybody is expected to do more, faster with less.

Digital transformation provides both the catalyst for change and the means to deal with it. But your business is unique, so out-of-the box solutions may need to be adapted. In-house development can be plagued by resource and skills shortages, high costs and long lead-times.

Even with the luxury of resources, budget and patience, resulting systems are often disappointing. Applications might work within their related silos, but nothing works together or as well as it should. Development takes longer, costs increase, compromises are made and manual processes and workarounds start to creep in. More importantly, customer engagement opportunities are missed and the customer experience doesn’t flow. Often customer support teams have to clear up the mess.

At Netcall, much of our success has grown on our ability to integrate front and back-end systems to deliver joined up customer experience management. Liberty BPM (Eden), our business process development platform has been a core enabler of this. Joining forces with MatsSoft expands on this capability and introduces exciting new opportunities to re-define the customer experience.

MatsSoft’s Low-code platform empowers you to redefine the customer experience in an agile way, using simple drag and drop techniques. It enables you to build more responsive solutions for your organisation’s needs faster.

Leading customer service organisations across many sectors use MatsSoft's Low-code technology. Forrester recognises MatsSoft as a pioneering platform for both application design & development professionals and business user developers.

Together, Netcall and MatsSoft make digital transformation an achievable, sustainable reality. We provide the power and freedom to make stepped changes in customer experience happen easily with minimal development support.

Discover how Netcall and MatsSoft can help you do more, faster with less today.

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