Netcall Approved for G-Cloud iii

13th May, 2013
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Netcall Telecom Ltd, a leading provider of citizen engagement software, has been added once again to the list of approved suppliers under the UK Government's latest iteration of the G-Cloud tender, G-Cloud iii.

G-Cloud is a Government initiative designed to bring together a collective resource of cloud-based IT services for use by public authorities. All services from the approved suppliers are available to public sector buyers via an innovative app store - The Cloudstore - that allows organisations to purchase cloud services quickly and easily with minimal disruption or managerial involvement.

The Government has also confirmed that it has adopted a 'Cloud First' policy, making it mandatory for buyers of IT products and services in central government to consider purchases through the cloud as their first option.

Netcall was previously approved for the framework in the first and second tender requests, in February and October 2012 respectively, forming part of an initial select group of providers. Around 25% of the UK's local government organisations are existing users of one or more of Netcall's solutions, with a proven track record in cost reductions, efficiencies increase and improved service offered to citizens.

Mark Holmes, Sales Director, Netcall: "We are delighted to have been reselected for the G-cloud initiative, which endorses our 'Software-as-a-Service' proposition. This is a great opportunity to broaden our delivery of valuable solutions to existing and new customers. It also provides a very different route to doing business with the public sector in the UK and we look forward to the opportunity to deliver our expertise and capabilities across the full range of cloud and managed IT services."

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