Seven priority areas for contact centres in 2016

29th Jan, 2016
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It’s the age of the customer (Forrester) and the customer is in charge of the conversation.
Differentiating on the basis of customer service, means delivering easy to use, convenient personalised services. In a recent survey we discovered what’s important to contact centres for 2016.

Here are the top priorities:

  1. Driving operational efficiency and cost savings
  2. Managing multi-channel customer end-to-end
  3. Using multiple and legacy systems
  4. Pacing internal technology with changing customer behaviour
  5. Developing agent skill sets
  6. Proactive outbound with SMS in the contact centre
  7. Deployment options using cloud-based solutions

Read the research report

So, how do you best meet these challenges? To get you started, we've created a full research report of our findings, we've added in some helpful tips too.

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In a series of 3 blogs, we discuss the top 3 priorities from our report. Our Solutions Architects offer their top tips on achieving these goals in your contact centre.

  1. Driving operational efficiencies and meeting customer demands – your top priority, our top tips
  2. 39% of organisations rate managing multi-channel customer end-to-end as a priority. Can you stay ahead of the game?
  3. Strategies on how to best manage multiple and legacy systems to rapidly transform customer engagement

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