Solve your board’s contact centre pain points

26th Sep, 2017
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Steve Jobs once said great things in business are done by a team of people. However, each member of your boardroom team has their own priorities and concerns. This can make it hard to agree on whether or not to invest in new technology.

Yet without being able to reach a consensus, companies may fall behind their competitors. They might even face a struggle to survive in a tough market.

When it comes to your contact centre, have you considered how new tech could please every member of the board, solving pain points from IT to HR? Implementing the latest innovations simplifies processes and empowers staff. And it doesn’t have to mean rip and replace. Step changes can go a long way in helping your business to achieve its goals. Whether they are to improve CX, system integration or agent productivity.

Read on to see how each board member might value the benefits of the latest contact centre tech. To discover your ideal contact centre, use our interactive builder to customise a set-up that’s right for your business.


Pain points: Always under pressure from other directors to agree to purchases. Needs to sign off major investment in the business. Every pound spent has to be justified.

How they can benefit: Investing in robust, future proof software is sensible. Tailored solutions build on legacy software, saving money by lengthening existing platform lifespans. The choice of Capex or Opex finance models ensures payments are easily met.

The IT director

Pain points: Held accountable if hardware or software fails. Has to keep systems working. Needs to be confident upgrades or new tech will perform well.

How they can benefit: When software works as it’s supposed to, IT heads are free to focus on key duties. They don’t have to drop everything to fix glitchy programmes or deal with a data silo. Intuitive portals make staff training easier, and tailored solutions don’t tax old hardware. A seamless switch to cloud, on-premise or hybrid system can avoid installation woes.

The HR director

Pain points: In charge of employee performance. Has to deal with unhappy personnel. In charge of staff recruitment if anyone leaves. Agent engagement is high on the agenda.

How they can benefit: A happy workforce gets more done in less time. Absenteeism rates drop. Recruitment and selection becomes less frequent. And engaged employees promote the business in all sorts of ways. Optimised contact centre software can boost everything from punctuality to internal promotion.

The Marketing director

Pain points: Has to promote the business as being a market leader. Needs to support the sales teams. Responsible for the company’s reputation and image.

How they can benefit: A company with a slick customer interface markets itself. Testimonials and word of mouth referrals will boost enquiry levels. Sales and marketing tools can promote systems like IVR and chatbots. Effective data recording helps to make marketing campaigns feel personal to each customer. There are no data siloes, and no ‘lost’ emails or texts.

The Contact Centre leader

Pain points: The first point of contact for complaints, from staff and customers alike. Has to keep team morale as high as possible. Needs to know all the quirks of software platforms.

How they can benefit: Employees work faster and get more done with the right tools. One-click dialling and automated outbound contact by text or email raises efficiency stats. Single view portals give staff real time updates on previous engagements. Measuring KPIs ensures everyone meets targets, while delivering a first class service.

Keep your board happy by investing in the latest omnichannel contact centre software. Click here to design a system that fits your company’s needs, and blends in with your legacy software.

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