Three stages to achieve end-to-end customer experience

22nd Dec, 2016
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As a successful business, you’re achieving great results. You want to offer an amazing customer experience.

You know you need to continue to transform your contact centre. Quality, performance and processes are high on the agenda. Your valuable legacy systems need to be included in any change.

To support your journey we suggest these three transformation stages.

Stage one: Give agents instant access to information.

Informed agents take control from the start. By integrating systems, you give agents relevant customer details and what topic/query they are likely to discuss. Customers do not have to repeat details, improving their overall experience.

This reduces the time to handle each call by 20 to 30 seconds. You will make business efficiency gains enabling you to move to the next stage.

84% of respondents said that they do not currently identify incoming customers. Agents receive the contact blind, and then search for the details.

Stage two: Joining the dots with contact management.

This is an interim step on your journey to the customer engagement hub. Inform agents about recent customer contact history. Have they contacted you before? Is this a follow up or a new case? Display contact across channels for agents to better serve your customers.

The integrated view of recent contacts improves agent productivity and morale. These benefits translate into business gains. The return on investment you make will finance your move to the next stage.

76% of respondents said that they do not currently identify repeat contacts.

Stage three: The 360 degree view, full case management

Customers expect to achieve their goal as a smooth end-to-end journey. Your internal processes and departmental silos are irrelevant to them. Full case management automates and streamlines manual processes to optimise your agent’s time. They use a single interface and kick-off processes at the click of a button Their quick and efficient responses result in happier customers.

Your workflows automatically feeds tasks to the appropriate back-office or field colleagues. Alerts are sent to supervisors to avoid any delays and meet service levels. These streamlined actions will improve your quality and performance!

82% of respondents say that they do not currently store interactions against the customer.

Transformation is more than technology.

Netcall offers you a three stage path matching your needs today and in the future. Start where it best suits you. Only move to the next step when you are ready.

Our end-to-end customer engagement solutions are available in modules. From contact distribution (ACD) to experience management (CXM), we are able to support your contact centre.

Our passion is to help you find the right solution, ask us how.

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