Three Top Tips For Unifying Your Customer Information

15th Aug, 2014
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Unifying your customer information in one place that is easily accessed by your contact centre agents is the nirvana of improved customer service. Implementing a Unified Agent Desktop solution can deliver significant cost savings on agent resource and help you move towards a more automated customer-focused organisation. Here are three quick tips to help you plan a strategy for unifying your customer information and improving your customer service.

1. Consider your customer information

Consider how many customers you have and the associated data and information that they entail. You will have customer information all over your organisation, from address details, to billing, order data and policies, to name but a few. According to the Institute of Customer Service; "Data itself will become an increasingly valuable commodity." So whether you are a small–to-medium enterprise, corporate or global giant, those who can ensure customer information is readily available in a meaningful format for contact centre agents, will reap improved customer service levels.

2. How many systems do you have?

Check your systems, to see how many you have and which ones are used on a daily basis. In fact, 92% of contact centres require their agents to use multiple applications within a call (ContactBabel), so consider how much time it takes to open up those multiple systems, click through multiple screens or open files and documents. The reality of the situation is that while your agents are performing these cumbersome tasks, you have a valued customer at the end of the phone or engagement, who will cost '£6,500 to replace', should you lose them (Institute of Customer Service).

3. Average handling time targets (AHT)

The situations outlined in the first two tips will have a detrimental effect on your average handling time (AHT) objectives. The time required to find customer information in your systems and deliver resolution to customer engagement is key, so have a target in mind that is realistic. Identify your top three to five customer queries, create mock scenarios and time these accordingly. Understanding how long it takes to find even basic customer information in this way can create very powerful and surprising findings. With this information you now have the basis for improving and creating AHT targets which will result in an improved customer service and even a reduction in your agent costs. It is completely possible to reduce your AHT by at least 30% if you have the right strategy and solution deployed. See how The Warranty Group achieved this.

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