Time is Money – Keep Queue Times and Call Abandonment In Check – 2/3

12th May, 2015
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In part 1 we covered three tips designed to either reduce the demand facing your contact centre at any one time or to predict and process that demand more efficiently through data analysis.

Continuing with the theme of queue times and call abandonment, below are three more tips to guide you and your contact centre, improving sales through repeat business and reducing customer frustration.

  • Customer information requests – Depending on the complexity of the customer's query and the nature of your business, it may be necessary for the customer to provide key pieces of information to the agent. Use the queue time effectively to provide clear instructions about the information customers may need to process their query. Customers without the required information can then hang up and call again when better prepared. This will reduce the number of customers without the necessary information being progressed to agents, thus lowering the overall number of calls received and the average handling time as customers are prepared before the call actually starts.
  • Constructively offer a call back – The message that offers a call back to the customers waiting in a queue should be positive and confident, explaining the benefits of accepting a call back. These include reduced waiting times and delivering a superior customer service experience. You could also include statistics about the average time taken to call back your customers, especially if you are able to complete call backs in under an hour. Many customers will expect a rapid response, with almost 50% now expecting a call back within 30 minutes.
  • Call back support on key web pages – Customers looking at specific pages on your website may require support to ensure they achieve customer satisfaction. This can range from the checkout and payment pages to deciding between similar product or service offerings, as these are the most important points on the customer journey, from both your and the customer's point of view. Clearly displaying or even offering a call back option on these pages, will allow customers to efficiently request help from your organisation, allowing you to increase sales and reduce customer frustration, making it less likely they will take their business elsewhere.

Read our Case Fact Sheet to learn more from Netcall's solution experts on their views on how to effectively reduce queue times and the resulting abandoned calls.

Look out for the third and final part of our blog on reducing queue times and call abandonment rates.

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