Top Tips for Exceeding Customer Expectations

22nd Jul, 2014
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Today's customer has increased demands and expectations for speed and efficiency when dealing with their communications. Whether by web, email or phone, customers now expect to be able to contact you 24/7 through a variety of channels.

How well do you understand your customers' journey and the service they receive at every stage? Consider our top tips to enable you to exceed your customers' expectations in a multichannel environment.

Provide a positive first point of contact

Making it easy for your customers to reach the correct person or self-serve to their desired outcome, enables you to deliver the right first impression from the instant the customer journey begins.

The use of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology allows immediate service to be provided, while Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) ensures the call is delivered to the appropriate agent to promote first contact resolution.

Manage customer expectations and reassure callers by using multiple comfort prompts such as 'position in a queue' or 'time to answer' announcements.

Allowing customers to remove themselves from a queue and receive a call when an agent is available can improve customer perception of your business, as well as reduce call waiting times.

Reduce call waiting times

Long call waiting times can be a major cause of customer service dissatisfaction. The challenge of balancing customer demand against number of agents available can be made easier with the use of accurate forecasting and workforce optimisation software.

By maintaining the right balance of staff level to call volume, call waiting times and abandoned call rates can be reduced and resolution times increased. The costs associated with under or over staffing, including loss of sales, can also be minimised.

Increase agent productivity

Multiple IT systems can make it difficult for agents to find the information they need to resolve enquiries. Integrated data unification tools can enable businesses to empower agents to respond to customer questions efficiently by providing consolidated information which is easy to use and navigate.

More productive calls with fewer errors are fundamental to exceeding customer expectations.

Let your customers decide

Be it voice, web or social media, today's customer has a host of communication channels available to them. Offering customers more choice in how and when they contact you is essential to meet ever-changing expectations of the multichannel contact centre.

By Richard Farrell, CTO at Netcall

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