Top Tips for Improving Service Within your Organisation

17th Mar, 2015
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Over the lifespan of our customer's solutions here at Netcall we work closely with clients to identify areas of service which could be improved. These challenges may be unique to a particular organisation, however transforming customer experience is at the top of many organisations agenda, providing similar challenges for every business.

Below outlines some typical challenges customers experience and top tips to overcome these situations:

  • Multichannel – customers want to make contact with you via your website or contact centre perhaps using IVR, email, web chat or social media. One customer could potentially generate six or more forms of contact, if your systems aren't joined up
  • Mobile – Ofcom confirm that 62% of adults use a smart phone; it is therefore no surprise that customers are often using a single mobile device to make multiple types of contact. The customer consequently assumes an organisation will know who they are, despite using various contact methods
  • Legacy Systems – many organisations are utilising systems which were once designed specifically for their business requirements. The organisational upheaval and management investment means completely replacing them is rarely a viable option
  • Contact Centre – typically a Contact Centre advisor will use multiple systems to facilitate an enquiry, leading to lengthy calls, duplication, inputting errors and security issues
  • Customer Journey – not being able to identify a customer's recent engagement, such as contact and purchase history makes it difficult to offer an optimal customer experience or generate opportunities to upsell
  • Management Information – with multiple contact channels and multiple systems, it is difficult for an organisation to easily obtain useful management information to enable proactive decision making

The current situation facing most organisations results from organic growth, with each new piece of technology purchased to meet the growing requirements of a successful business. Typically there is a tipping point, at which the various bolt-on systems to manage customer needs, then hamper rather than enable the continuing growth.

The solution depends upon the individual requirements of an organisation, although at a high level, you may wish to consider the following top tips:

  • Calling line identity (CLI) screen pop of customer details to allow for a more personal and efficient service, such as "Mr Jones, I see you were placing an order on our website, are you experiencing difficulty?"
  • Multichannel routing to deliver contacts to the right person based on skill-set and availability
  • Unified desktop to pull data from disparate systems and present it to an advisor in a single screen, offering a single view of the customer regardless of their contact channel
  • Workflow management to lead an advisor through communications and processes by intelligently delivering information to their desktop, based on customer history and purpose of contact
  • Fully integrated performance statistics, management information and business intelligence across all channels, including targeted automated promotional alerts for advisors

Multichannel skills based routing and unified desktop increases first contact resolution and reduces training time. The return on investment for this alone presents an exciting business case. Furthermore, obtaining a single view of the customer improves the customer experience, generating loyalty and securing future success.

For further information download our whitepaper 'Successful multichannel contact centre integration – without the hidden costs!'

By Tara Johnson, Client Manager at Netcall

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