Top Tips for Integrating Key Systems and Agent Empowerment

2nd Jun, 2015
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Managers need to track and frequently analyse the reasons that customer contacts are not successful or that there is failure to resolve a query. Measures of continual improvement are essential as they make transactions easy for your customers and increase productivity and business performance.

Auditing processes between your contact centre and back-office will provide you with a map of the required elements needed to resolve any customer query. When you critically examine and then update processes you may realise quick wins. Removing unnecessary steps and improving communication between agents and technical experts or field staff will provide customers with quicker answers.

Looking for further inspiration to improve FCR? Read on to see our pick of your peer's top tips and see our infographic for our recommended final two routes.

Our Solution Architects recommend that you integrate key systems - inform the rest of your business about your advisor targets and explain the impact of avoidable delays. Set common goals to motivate team work, improve FCR scores and customer satisfaction. Your peer's tips during the webinar include:

  • “Use LEAN reviews (making obvious what adds value by reducing everything else) to identify the number of calls managed inside the contact centre versus the number of calls transferred to others. Identify areas where agents need training or processes need improvement."

  • “Use a recent activity display on the agents' screen to identify the context of the customer contact and any prior contact. 74% of customers say prior conversations are forgotten, so when agents are armed with the history, they can advise the customer of the current status. Your organisation will appear informed and customers will be happy that their concerns are being addressed."

Our Solution Architects recommend that you empower your agents, provide your agents with the training and discretion they need to deliver customer satisfaction while complying with organisation processes. Your peer tips during the webinar include:

  • “Consider limits within which you can empower agents, such as up to £100 without supervisor approval."
  • “Promote a 'changing lanes' philosophy. Facilitate experience time for advisors so they gain first-hand knowledge of other departments and allow them to attend customer events. Advisors will then have personal involvement and will then provide customers with accurate and relevant information. It becomes easier for them to understand when and how something is not working for a customer."

  • “Identify your agent's skills and strengths and reposition their roles to support matching customer query areas. Continually review internal resolution processes to resolve any bottle necks."

Contact centre business efficiency is critically affected by the rate at which customers queries are resolved; consistently improving results will support overall business unit productivity. It is important to solve a customer's query on the first contact as it makes it easy to for them to achieve their goals and reduces customer effort and increases customer satisfaction. Acquiring customers costs between 4 and 10 times more that retaining customers. (CIM foundation) Satisfied customers are more likely to buy more and twice as likely to refer friends to your organisation.

Download our infographic to see our four routes to improvements or alternatively contact us to arrange a demo and find out how we can support you to improve first contact resolution.

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