Transforming Customer Experience with Secure Automated Payments

17th Sep, 2014
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Successful organisations, especially those operating in competitive environments, differentiate their business models to maximise customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction. Delivering a compelling customer experience that gives choice and flexibility whilst also allowing contact centre agents to upsell, resolve queries and support orders, is a win-win for the customer and your business. In addition, you may want to free your team from chasing payments by providing any-time, any-device payment convenience. Handling routine tasks is demotivating, it increases average handling time and negatively impacts call queues, which can result in lost sales from abandoned calls.

Customers want to feel empowered to do what they want, when they want, and making a payment is no different. Customers want to pay bills or fines securely, with minimal effort and fuss.

Highly successfully businesses focus on delivering service excellence and this often involves giving customers an effortless experience with a consistent outcome. In this regard you may want to make it effortless for your customers to make payments to you. This is where interactive voice response (IVR) comes in to support you in the contact centre and help your customers fulfil their goals through self-service. Self-service payments offer a wide range of benefits that are compelling and attractive for making and taking payments. Here we outline just a few:

Transforming customer experience

With the increasing demand of customers wanting any-time access from any location on any device, offering a self-service IVR option allows your customers to make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore extending your hours of business. So whether they want to pay an electricity bill, buy a gift or check a balance, the process for your customers is consistent, fully automated, and effortless, providing first contact resolution without the need of an agent.

Cost reduction

Taking payments through an IVR process brings instant cost reductions and transforms the way you offer services to your customers. In fact, using a self-service telephony IVR is, on average, six times less expensive (65p) than that of speaking with a live agent (£3.87) (ContactBabel). The research in channel shift clearly shows that moving payments from face-to-face (SOCITM estimate the cost at £8.23) to automation has significant savings potential.

Flexible deployments and integration

There are two deployment options for taking secure payments, on-premise and cloud hosted. This offers choice and flexibility to your contact centre. Integration into your backend systems, such as CRM, is another key benefit as payment details are updated to the customer's record in real-time.

Proven productivity, delighting customers

Interflora, the leading flower delivery network takes several thousand calls per day and hundreds of orders per hour. Every agent is focused on a personalised service and adding value to each call as the customer makes important gift choices. Typically telephone payments take 90 seconds. Freeing the agents from this repetitive task by providing secure payment automation reduces the average handling time (AHT), ensures that the agent can move swiftly to serve the next caller, and enhances the team's peak call handling ability.

Do you want to know more about secure payments? Look out for our next blog on secure PCI DSS payments.

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