Bedford (currently homebased) 16 September 2020

Head of Delivery

The role is accountable for the delivery of Low-code services to customers through our own delivery teams or working with partners.

Purpose of the role:

The role is accountable for the delivery of Low-code services to customers through our own delivery teams or working with partners. The role requires you to work cross functionally using Agile methodologies wherever possible, and as part of the wider service delivery operation, ensure customer commitments are delivered to requirements, time, quality and budget.

The delivery team(s) currently consists of four functions which this role will manage. The role is required to drive, scale and optimise our service delivery as we grow our customer base and develop new services on our low-code Create platform. 

The four functions within a delivery team typically include a combination of:

  • Product Owner
  • Application Developer
  • Quality Assurance/Tester
  • Project Manager

The Head of Delivery role is also required to support a cross-functional delivery model for the wider Professional Services team to support the concurrent or phased delivery of multiple customer platforms including Converse and Connect.


Primarily the role is responsible for the delivery of application services provided on Create, Netcall’s low-code platform and managing and mitigating any associated risks.
The role is also responsible for building key stakeholder relationships around the delivery including customer side and across other Netcall departments to support the delivery where necessary.
Team, the role provides day to day management of the Create delivery team, including leadership, motivation, advice, growth and where necessary, discipline.
The role requires you to be a mentor, to help the team grow and allow individuals to progress in their roles and across the wider business. You will need to be able to prepare and deliver regular Agile training sessions to both the team and on occasion to partners and customers who may be supporting the delivery.
Resource management, the role requires resource and capacity planning to meet current in-flight requirements and planned growth. The responsibility of authorised recruitment of the right people is a key part of the role, as is retention of key staff.
Risk and mitigation, the role is responsible for identifying risk and risk management strategies to mitigate.
Reporting, the role requires you to provide regular and up to date management reporting (internal and customer stakeholder).

Essential skills and experience:

  • You have significant experience in delivering large scale and complex development projects to external customers.
  • You are able to maintain strong working relationships with internal and external key stakeholders throughout the delivery lifecycle.
  • You have experience setting up and/or managing a delivery structure for multidisciplinary teams including project managers, product owners, developers/builders and QA/test resources. The ability to manage remote and disparate teams/team members is now an imperative.  
  • You are able to coach and lead teams in Agile practices. You should be a qualified expert who advocates these approaches and are able to tailor new ways of working as circumstances demand.
  • You will need to communicate well with stakeholders and team members alike. You are able to set and manage expectations, mediate with key stakeholders and facilitate discussions to manage risk and complexity.
  • You can demonstrate the ability to manage a continual planning process in complex environments. Experience of planning beyond service development and being able to consider timings and resources for items such as testing plans is important. You can identify dependencies in plans across services and coordinate delivery. You are able to work collaboratively and cross functionally to help coach other teams (Core development and IT).
  • You have experience in spotting problems or issues in the team dynamic and rectifying them. You actively engage in varying types of feedback, choosing the right type at the appropriate time and ensuring the discussion and decisions are followed through.
  • You can actively address internal risks and issues and know when to escalate them to maintain delivery momentum. You know how to track, manage, escalate and communicate internal risks and dependencies. You understand how the risks, issues or dependencies impact the work of a team and can affect delivery, and act proactively to mitigate.
  • You are able to prioritise your work and deliver to tight timescales, demonstrating good organisational, communication and administrative skills.
  • At a personal level it’s important you maintain professional credibility and integrity, with the ability to take responsibility for problems and mistakes and rectify them accordingly.
  • You demonstrate a strong customer ethos and keep the needs of the customer in mind at all times.
  • You take responsibility for your own professional development and learning and encourage others in the team to do the same.
  • You are experienced and proficient in using MS Office tools including Word, Excel, Visio and PowerPoint for proposals, reporting and presentations.
  • You are able to produce well written concise reports, be an expert in managing burndown charts and be able to use MS Office tools at a relatively advanced level for management purposes, reporting and presentations.
  • You should have experience of administering and using Jira and Confluence (or similar) to support the delivery process.

Desirable skills and experience:

  • You may have experience of using Microsoft Project and Project Server for wider portfolio management
  • A development interest or experience in software development including web site design, and/or JavaScript skills would be of benefit.