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At a glance

  • Faster processing and approval of mortgage applications
  • Threefold increase in market share
  • Reduced unit processing cost
  • Award: What Mortgage – Best Advisor Only Lender
  • Award: Moneywise – Innovator of the year.

The challenge

Accord first implemented MATS in 2008 as a workflow solution for mortgage application processing. As Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) grew, Accord became the central processing hub for the group, and the use of MATS spread to handle mortgage applications for YBS and their subsidiary Chelsea Building Society.

Further improvements of processing speed and efficiency were needed to scale the operation. Customer experience needed to become a competitive advantage, because brokers were looking not just for the best rates and terms, but for the quickest and most precise execution. Elimination of postal and paper handling delays was a key opportunity for process improvement.

“We’ve improved the experience for our customers in a very short space of time.” Michael Ratcliffe, Operations Planning Manager, Accord Mortgages

The solution

The MATS document upload facility had been implemented for banks such as Santander, so Accord was confident that this was a proven solution. Internal IT constraints and the need to provide connectivity to thousands of brokers meant that a Cloud deployment of MATS was the right approach.

In less than 3 months from initial sign off, MATS was in full deployment and integrated with Accord’s eCommerce and legacy systems. Brokers are now able to immediately upload proof of address and other documents electronically, on behalf of their customers. Brokers now have real-time visibility of application status, and automated alerts with respect to required actions, enabling them to offer their clients a faster and more efficient service.

The result

The appropriate case manager now receives paperwork within a matter of minutes, which had previously taken several days to arrive by post. The system is handling around 90,000 documents per year. Communication between Accord and brokers has been dramatically improved. Brokers now have real time visibility of application status, automated notification of progress, and task alerts.

Annually over 380,000 notifications are now totally automated. The reduction in manual processing and phone calls is a huge efficiency gain. Superior customer experience is certainly making a difference. Accord’s share of the UK mortgage market has grown from 2% to 6% since 2010.

“By working with MATS our operations team has been able to accelerate process improvement” Michael Ratcliffe, Operations Planning Manager, Accord Mortgages

Download Accord's case study

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