Sheffield Teaching Hospitals cuts missed appointments
to deliver annual savings of up to £1 million

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The challenge

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust-wide ‘Did Not Attend’ (DNA) rate was 7.6% for new patients and 8.9% for follow-ups, with an average DNA cost of £101 per missed appointment. The Trust manages reminders for 850,000 appointments per year and wanted a way to re-utilise ‘wasted’ appointment slots.

Project outcomes

  • Return on investment achieved within 5 weeks
  • DNAs reduced by between 20% to 40%
  • Savings made of £460,000
  • Patient data does not leave hospital site
  • Trust-wide solution
  • Recurring savings of up to £1 million annually.

Remind, Rebook, Refill with Appointment Management Cycle

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The solution

OutpatientRemind+, a module from the Appointment Management Cycle, delivers voice and text message appointment reminders to patients. It gathers information in real time, via landline or mobile telephones, on the patient’s intention to attend, re-book or cancel the appointment, thus enabling the Trust to re-book appointment times.

The result

After five weeks of using OutpatientRemind+, the solution had already paid for itself. 4.8% of patients indicated that they would not be attending their appointment. This amounted to over 1,000 appointment slots which could be re-allocated. This fantastic return on investment is underscored by the fact that on-going costs are minimal.

“Presently we are aiming to obtain a 30% DNA reduction,
which equates to £1 million saving per year for the Trust.”

Download Sheffield Teaching's full case study

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