How Netcall Liberty® supports your journey to omnichannel

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The contact centres we meet are on a journey of continuous customer experience (CX) improvement. This clip highlights how we are able to help you. It features:

•    screen popping customer details
•    reducing repeat customer contact
•    contact management
•    and gaining a 360° view from full case management.

The Omnichannel Contact Centre

Today customers expect to be able to contact companies using any channel and receive the same experience, every time.

Because of this, more contact centres are moving from multichannel to omnichannel - but what does that mean?

Multichannel contact centres have siloed information, whereas omnichannel contact centres have a 360 degree view of all interactions.

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Multichannel Myths eGuide

Many organisations believe that they need to provide service on every channel or customers will not be satisfied.

Our eGuide, “Multichannel myths", explores customer channel preferences and includes steps to create the most effective solution.

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The universal queue; take control of your service, delight your customers

The way customers interact with you is changing. Are you under pressure to handle customer interactions or are you falling behind?​ As you strive for customer satisfaction, effective handling of interactions needs to be seamless.​

Read our eGuide for advice on what a universal queue is, what this means for your teams, how to implement it and the benefit to your customers.

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Does your customer experience (CX) vision need practical support? Watch the webinar to see how to track, measure and respond to customer interactions in real-time. Manage agents and their skills. Track performance and quality. Integrate your journey, just the way you want to with our Liberty platform.

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