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This highlight clip, from our recent CXWEBFEST event, looks at our Outbound Campaigner module in more detail and includes a product demo. NHS organisations often maintain manual call lists, for example for patients who opt out of automated notifications. Outbound Campaigner enables you to schedule targeted outbound call telephone campaigns to individuals via 59R agents, with the option of directing calls to specific agents if required.

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Specifically for our Appointment Management Cycle (AMC) solution customers, this session focuses on Clinic Utilisations, Appointment Cancellations, and Outbound Campaigner. Our panelists provided training and best practice guidance on how to get the most from these tools and patient attendance. This session was tailored to the Health market.

Appointment Management Cycle Brochure

Reminding and rebooking appointments for the combined benefit of patients and the hospital or Trust. Patients can book, reschedule or cancel their appointments using automation, reducing costs for the hospital and benefiting those patients waiting for appointments. You will also:

  • Shorten patient waiting times 
  • Lower missed appointment rates by on average up to 25% 
  • Make significant cost and time savings
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Best Practice Guide when deploying the AMC within your NHS organisation

Patients not attending appointments can significantly impact waiting times. Active management of patients to prevent ‘Did Not Attend’ (DNA) incidents is a highly effective mechanism to ensure more efficient resource utilisation and increased productivity.

AMC is a solution that actively manages your patients to reduce DNAs. Recent figures show that installed AMC solutions currently send out over 43,000 appointment reminders a day. Typical reductions in DNA rates are around 30%.

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Best Practice Guide when deploying Appointment Cancellation within your NHS organisation

The Appointment Cancellation ​module is designed to notify patients intending to attend an appointment of a planned cancellation where sufficient notice has been provided by the cancelling clinicians.

The application can be used to inform patients whose appointments have been cancelled anywhere between 2 and 14 days prior to the patient's appointment date.

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Best Practice Guide when deploying Clinic Utilisation within your NHS organisation

The Clinic Utilisation application is used to help any NHS organisation reduce the time patients wait for an appointment. It has the ability to accept newly created appointment slots which can be offered to other waiting patients, thereby allowing staff to fill additional clinics as and when required.

During an Outpatient Appointment Reminder calling campaign, when a patient cancels an appointment, instead of the appointment slot being wasted, this freed-up appointment can be offered to other waiting patients.

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