Damart beats adherence targets
and improves staff scheduling efficiency

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The challenge

Damart process a weekly average of around 33,000 customer orders and queries. The contact centre employs over 115 staff handling telephone, online and written communication. The challenge is to do this as efficiently as possible.

Project outcomes

  • Faster staff scheduling capability
  • Calls are answered quickly
  • Higher adherence targets achieved
  • Lower abandoned call rates
  • Reduced costs.

The right information, in the right place, at the right time

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The solution

QMax allows Damart to work in real-time, establishing the staff required and scheduling breaks accordingly. Everyone within the contact centre is multi-skilled. Agents deal with both customer orders and queries. Staff dealing with correspondence are trained to help out on the telephone during busy periods of call activity.

​The result

Since the installation of QMax the influx of calls is managed more efficiently. The abandoned call rate has dropped as Damart are better equipped to deal with peaks and troughs in call volumes. More importantly, customers get their calls answered quickly and effectively.

“QMax is a straightforward product and does what it says it does,
just like Damart it delivers more than you imagine.”

Download Damart's full case study

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